SALE! My Nautical Pop-Up Shop at Design Lab

How’s this for my anchor fantasies come true: Design*Lab asked me set up a nautical pop-up shop (SO fun!),  and this week, the entire assemblage is 20% off before the store closes for July.

There are vintage ship parts, nautical flag banners, anchor hooks galore, little black whale boxes, tote bags for days, and even an anchor carnival light.

Design*Lab is at 166 W. Main St. in Mesa, in the same building as FOUND. It’s one of the best shops in the country. I loved being part of it! Watch for more Jaimee Rose pop-up shops to come this fall.

The goods:




Look at this vintage ship’s light I found — so amazing, and I spotted one for DOUBLE the price at a shop in California.



I’ve been stalking this anchor carnival light since I spotted it at the New York Gift Show in January. Hello, my love.


This red anchor pillow? Perfection. And can you handle the straw anchor rug? It’s under $60, my friends. SO affordable and fun. I need this for Coronado, stat.


Aaand, Turkish Towels have come to town! I ordered a slew for the store so I could buy half of them myself. (And did.) They’re incredible hand towels, guest towels and napkins. The larger sizes are killer bath towels/beach towels/summer scarves. I keep one in my car for the movie theater. (Also known as the arctic tundra of an Arizona summer.)


We have nautical notebooks and stationery, natch.


Cute beach bags/cosmetic bags/farmer’s market bags:




Behold, nautical bits of doom. I could never neglect the bits. The whale box might be my favorite thing in the whole bunch.



JaimeeRose_NauticalShop_DesignLab        JaimeeRose_NauticalShop_DesignLab

You better believe that these nautical flag placemats are in my beach suitcase for every picnic and barbecue. So fab.

JaimeeRose_NauticalShop_DesignLab  JaimeeRose_NauticalShop_DesignLab

And there are gorgeous lanterns, of course.


Hurry in — the shop closes at the end of this month, and there are fourth of July buckets to be had.

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The Sweet Salvage Shopping Wars (Vintage Furniture Fights)

Sweet Salvage is a four-day vintage market that happens the third weekend of every month on 7th Avenue in Phoenix. The doors open at 10 a.m., but the line starts forming at 7:30 a.m., and we’re talking about waiting OUTSIDE, people. In  Phoenix. In June.

Once the doors open, it’s all elbows and running and squealing and getting your yellow name tag on things as fast as you can. The fire marshal has rules about the crowds. Some shoppers even pay $25 to preview the sale the night before it starts, and then line up and sweat for two hours to come home with a vintage farmhouse table for $249. Yesterday, my partner in crime and I spent $5000 in 30 minutes. We’d been sweating in line since 8 a.m.



Have you ever been to Last Chance to see what happens when the workers roll out a new cart of Marc Jacobs handbags and the shoppers swarm like feral cats? Yeah, it’s like that.

These shoppers are definitely on something. (I had such a laugh when I spotted these vintage flash cards whilst being jostled and tugged by hungry furniture fiends yesterday.)

It’s also SO much fun and not to be missed. Go in the afternoon to skip the lines. There are still piles of treasures to claim.

Sweet Salvage is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today through Sunday.  Here’s a peek inside the frenzied shopping morning I shared with Angela Karp. Go with someone who you know will help you fight for black chippy-paint postal cabinets and wrought iron paneling. I did.



The line stretches around the building. Bottled water and complimentary umbrellas are on hand.


There’s a styled-out refreshment cart, complete with Diet Coke, hot dogs, and chips.


Angela and I ate all three, for breakfast.


Once inside, it’s treasure time. We loved this vintage game board.

I should have bought ALL of these green flower frogs. Dorie, tell me you got them, at least.


It’s fun to scour through all the styled vignettes to find the good stuff. I liked this light, below.


Inside Sweet Salvage, among the fighting hordes, I’ve spotted designers like me, event planners like Angela, bloggers, restaurant designers and even boutique owners who buy this stuff, mark it up, and resell it across town.

THAT good, my friends. Go.

And a special thanks to Sweet Salvage’s Stephanie, whom we loved shopping with, as well.

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Sugar Paper Notebook Problems (Gold! Stripes! Dots!)

Sugar Paper in L.A. is one of my top 10 favorite stores anywhere, and my notebook stash (it’s a LARGE collection) is quivering at the shop’s latest creation: gold polka-dot  and striped notebooks in pink, black, and white.  $16. I give up. Order online, or make a pilgrimage to the shop in the Brentwood Country Mart, which is a must-stop in L.A. on its own. (And you can celebrity-spy, if you’re into it.)

I also require the following things:

XO seal notecards, $18

XO tags, $20

And this gold ampersand print, $40

P.S. There are also matching striped coasters, $26. Damn.



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The Best Maple Oatmeal Scones

My Phoenix friends will remember the particular glory of a cafe called Chestnut Lane that closed a few years ago after ruining all of our lives with the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, chopped chicken salad, and maple oatmeal scones.

I’m still mad at owner Polly Levine about it, but was thrilled to discover that the maple oatmeal scones I remember likely came from this Barefoot Contessa recipe. Same scones, at home, and they’re easy. Hooray.  I like to keep uncooked frozen scones in my freezer for emergency weekend breakfasts — or Saturday afternoon sweet tooth pangs, depending.



Make extra glaze, and glaze them twice. It’s great stuff. (Add salt to the glaze, though.)



I like to bring these to friends in need of comfort. It’s sophisticated nursery food combination: oatmeal, maple syrup, but so much better.

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My Game of Thrones Style Obsession

I watched all 30 hours of the hit HBO Series Game of Thrones in about 6 days. During water and Diet Coke breaks, I’d scour the internet for furniture seen in King’s Landing, specifically Ned Stark’s chair. And maybe I’d look up things about Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, who romps around in a black furry cape trying to keep warm. I’d like to help him with that, while wearing one of these:

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 8.30.13 AM

(That’s a Kelly Wearstler choker, by the way, so I can’t be the only stylish soul totally obsessed with this show.) I want the dresses, the hand of the King pin, the rugs, the wine cups, and choker necklaces. I want a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the show’s King’s Landing scenes are filmed. Join me in my lustful craze:

This pin just might be cool enough to wear in real life. (With very modern clothing to avoid the costume references.) I love its sculptural qualities.  Etsy, $27:

A less literal iteration – Kelly Wearstler’s brass hand form, $225:

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 8.23.16 AM

Horn ice buckets = killer. $162.

I now require a Moroccan table for my home. This is my favorite, available through me at DeCesare Design Group.


I love the Savonarola Chairs seen throughout the show. Find this one here.

This antique set is going for $1800 on Etsy — which is a great price on something that is very hard to find. I see them in a killer master bath.

Note the chairs on set below:

This is Jon Snow in his Mongolian lamb cape:

This is a Mongolian lamb pillow that I want to snuggle up to and pretend it is Jon Snow in his cape, $195 at Horchow. (Sorry, Tyson.)

I fell hard for this King’s Landing-esque bone inlay mirror at the New York Gift Show. It wants to live in my guest bathroom. (Sold to the trade, but I can order it for you.)

And all of Kelly Wearstler’s pre-fall jewelry collection is very Daenerys Targaryen:

Are you feeling this Game of Thrones style moment, too?

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Salted Caramel Brownies from a Mix (Quelle Horreur)

I’m cheating on The Barefoot Contessa. I made her salted caramel brownies for Tyson, and they were easy and glorious and wicked.

And then I got really lazy and made salted caramel brownies by pouring caramel sauce over my favorite brownie mix. And that was even easier. Want to make them? (You do.)


First, you bake this:


When the pan has cooled, pour this over the top:

Then add a sprinkle of this:


OK, good. Now eat.



It will feel naughty, but cheating always does.

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The best finds for summer parties (whales and monograms continued)

I wasn’t finished. My inner Cape Cod /Coronado/Anywhere But Here issues have turned up more to show you. We really need some beach parties, my friends. Or Sundays in Coronado and concerts in the park. My tableware wishlist:

I’ll be having these Durban plates from Serena & Lily, four for $148. They look handmade and will transfer seasons well when my nautical obsessions end and the pumpkin problems start.

I found this fab cast iron whale bottle opener at Solo Cedros in Solana Beach (best accessory shop in San Diego), squawked, then brought him home. You can find him online here. $22.

I don’t care if these flag napkins are trite. I need them for fourth of July celebrations on Coronado. $29.

American Flag Napkins, Set of 4

I’m having a total whale moment. He’s a cocktail shaker from Pottery Barn and I had to have him. $59.

Whale Cocktail Shaker

You can’t channel Cape Cod without monograms. These gorgeous things are four for $58 from Mark and Graham, a new Williams-Sonoma offshoot with monograms for days and days.

Linen Satin Stitch Dinner Napkins

Porcelain ice cream cones. OK, yes. Here.

Porcelain Sugar Cone Set Of 2 white, tabletop, tabletop other

Octopus Cake Stand, $248 from Bhldn. Which I still hate typing. Can we not just spell it out? Beholden. Much easier.

These are acrylic, gorgeous, gray and made for outdoors.  A mere $3 each at World Market.

Save me from all bottle openers and whales. $24 at Bhldn.

I saw this pillow in January at dinner with Annie Selke and the people who made it. And I freaked out. They probably thought I was weird. It’s indoor-outdoor, embroidered, and awesome. Also available in red and navy. $75. I can order it for you.


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C. Wonder’s Nautical Moment = Cape Cod and Joy

My annual nautical shop fest is running at full tilt, and imagine my delight to find excellent help during a midnight online voyage to C. Wonder. We’re in trouble, my fellow shipwrecked friends. Big trouble. I’m ordering the lobster bottle opener in mass for all summer hostess gifts. Look at this anchor-whale-lobster distraction:


Ring set worthy of daily summer wear, $38.


Nautical flag bracelet (there’s a necklace to match), $98:


My beloved lobster bottle opener, $15.


You know there’s an anchor version too, $15:


Anchor belt buckle. I have a vintage one, but this is still tempting. $38.


Of course there’s an iPhone case. $35.




I’d totally wear this whale sweater, $88.


Anchor pendant, $48, with matching $34 earrings that are on their way to me.



What’s coming to you?

*This post is unsponsored. I just really need to spend the summer on a boat.


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Lemon Yogurt Cake of Doom

I suspect that the universal adoration of Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, has something to do with her gift for making  us all feel like everything is going to be OK. These are the lessons of reading her cookbooks and watching her show: if you roast a chicken for your husband every Friday, the weekend will contain joy.  If you have lemon cake waiting in your freezer, you can handle unexpected guests and unexpected things. The Barefoot Contessa calms me.

And I now have a freezer full of lemon-yogurt cake, so bring it on, world.


This is the recipe. Do not depart. It’s the best lemon cake imaginable. Better than Starbucks lemon loaf, for sure.


Yes, you need all of this lemon zest. It tastes like sunshine and is always my favorite thing to add to anything in the kitchen.




#Prettytrash. Send the lemon rinds down your disposal to clean it and fragrance the house.


One recipe departure: poke holes all over your cake to help it better absorb the lemon syrup. Not the icing — the syrup. Yes, there’s a reason this is so moist.



I’m ready.

And speaking of lemons, have you tried my lemon crepes? Or lemon bars? This lemon cake is also fantastic — another Barefoot Contessa iteration, sans yogurt. I like the yogurt cake even more.

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My finds for summer decorating: thrills and steals.

It’s going to be 102 degrees in Phoenix today, which means that the only thing I want to do is lie on the couch, drinking watermelon agua fresca and looking at catalogs in which summer is pretty and you need a sweater at night. Happily, this behavior means that I’ve unearthed excellent summer finds for your house — both high and low.

THRILL: Clearly, my friends at Serena & Lily are trying to make me crawl to their offices in Sausalito on my knees. These striped chairs were made for my backyard. $1795 each. .

STEAL: Striped outdoor pouf from CB2, which I’ve put into my shopping cart about four times. I need them. No, I don’t. I need them. I REALLY don’t. $89.95.

STEAL: Get your stripes on with this entire frenchified collection. $895 for an outdoor sofa that looks imported from France and will last forever? Bargain, in my book. We’re installing this at a home on Coronado this week. I also think it would be great pulled up to a kitchen table. And the bar cart! Also from Serena & Lily, which is just killing it lately.

THRILL: Despite all of my preaching about a moratorium on chevron, which I cannot stand to see anymore, I just brought this beach tote home from Anthropologie, $78. “It’s not really chevron,” said my sister Heidi, in the store. She’s lying, but that was nice of her. I love it.

THRILL: This coral-esque chandelier was just introduced at High Point market. It’s all you’d need to make a room. Available through me at DeCesare Design Group. Let’s order two. One for me, one for you.

Arteriors Diallo Chandelier #2

STEAL: Lucite boy/girl bookends from The Novogratz at CB2, $49.95 each. Love those Novogratz.



STEAL: Giant drink dispenser with a bird on top, $29. And don’t miss the giant $20 mason jar version, both at Cost Plus World Market.

THRILL: In person, these crocks are so stylish and heavy, $39-$49 at Pottery Barn. My sisters and I approved.

Metric Ceramic Crocks

STEAL: These dip-dyed stools from Serena & Lily (told you, on FIRE) will also be making a cameo at the house on Coronado. And at my house. Just $58 and $68.

STEAL: Stitched outdoor pillows with  major style from West Elm – even better in person and in stock at the Scottsdale store. And they’re on sale — $24.

Outdoor Embroidered Stars Pillow

THRILL: Loving these sayings pillows that we have  at Design*Lab.  I am tempted to wrap up “You’re Right” and give it to myself, from Tyson, as a hint. He’s one of THOSE men. Love him, but I’ve never heard these words come from his mouth.

Here’s to the good life this summer, indeed.

P.S. Did you hear my news? I’ve joined the design team at DeCesare Design Group. Renovating? Decorating? Building a new house? Telephone moi or send me a note:  480-668-5490,

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