Just before Christmas, I attended a dinner party during which the women spent a hilarious hour  speaking in rhapsodies about marshmallow vodka. It’s a THING, y’all.

“It’s the best mixer for Diet Coke ever,” promised Susie Timm. “It tastes like a root beer float.”


I even made a man friend try it. First he sneered. Then he asked for more. In the end, he said, “OK, fine, I like your marshmallow vodka.”

My friend and coworker Amy Crist discovered that adding a twist of lime to Diet Coke and marshmallow vodka creates a coconut-tinged tropical-seeming dream.

So I bought mini bottles (and a few large ones) for gifts — and the girls are converted. I can’t think of a more apropos New Year’s Eve hostess gift.  I found it at Total Wine Superstore.



P.S. My friend Jami Reagan tells me that the Whipped Cream version of this  vodka is her new favorite — just add orange juice. “It tastes like a Creamsicle,” she says.

Happy New Year to you all.