As a writer/journalist, my brain spins to think that our entire society and communication pattern is held to a set of 26 letters. I collect ways to properly worship our system.

Monogram Coasters Sugar Paper

Alphabet of the day: Sugar Paper Monogram Coasters, which I found when I was hoping to run into Reese Witherspoon at the Brentwood shop. (It’s her favorite.) They make me feel very put together, $24 for 15. What I really wanted, though, was a set of the whole alphabet to frame. There are even matching notecards, $26 for 10.

My mom was with me, so I got an extra party favor: the letterpressed alphabet print. (It’s not sold online.) Thanks, Mom.

(Photo by Michael McNamara for The Arizona Republic.)

I also had big eyes for these typewriter note cards, $28 for 10, and about drove my genius blog designer Carrie insane trying to get that typewriter in my header. (Sorreeeee, Carrie.)

Add Sugar Paper to your Los Angeles must-sees. It’s a pink paper paradise.