I’m just back from the beach and dragged home two excellent fragrance discoveries that will help me pretend I’m still there. First: Niven Morgan Blue, which is S-E-X-Y, let me tell you.

It’s a unisex scent of bergamot, amber, lemon and mandarin that feels, to me, like the sea. I bought a spray version for myself to wear and a candle version for my living room to wear. That living room of mine is going to feel so hot.

Find Niven Morgan Blue at NivenMorgan.com, Neiman Marcus, and independent boutiques (locator here). In Scottsdale, Niven Morgan is sold at The Linen Tree. The perfume is around $40, and the candle $30.

Next up: Kerstin Florian Neroli Water, which smells like just-opened orange blossoms and is exactly the thing you want to mist all over your sweaty summer self. It’s just lightly scented water, sized just right for your purse, and meant to be used as a hydrating mist on your skin and hair. I like to put it on in the hot car,  blast the A/C and pretend I’m an orange blossom popsicle. It’s $35 on amazon, but a travel size is $7 from Kitson, right here. You can also buy it in luxury spas — many in Arizona. (Locate one here.)

What’s your favorite summer scent? My two other standbys are Voyage d’Hermes (a swanky unisex), and Tocca’s Stella, which has this blood orange Italian thing going on.