This is what happens when an interior designer gets married. This is also what happens when said interior designer has the party inside an art museum. Below, part two of Berkley Vallone’s oh-my wedding to Ken Claflin at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Takeaway lessons:  centerpieces, tablecloths and chairs should not all be the same. Sequin tablecloths must be procured immediately. “Shades of gray” is a fine answer for “what are your colors.” Flowers should hang from the ceiling. And cakes should be allowed to wear all the jewelry they want.

(Also: I need a better camera.)


Head table:

Close-up of the chandeliers:

For the “lounge area,” Berkley brought in her own furniture. This is genius.

It helps, you know, to have sophisticated art in the background. This has long been one of my favorite pieces at the museum. (Called “Sphere Lit from the Top“, by Sol Lewitt.)

Illuminated vases

There was bling for the napkins:

Bling for the bride (I do, indeed):

Even bling for the cake:

(Berkley, tell us where you found that enormous black brooch. I want one.)

And, of course, there was love.

Thank you Berkley, for sharing your love story.

P.S. And look who’s here: Cash James Claflin, born Jan. 21. Isn’t he sweet? And wait ’til Berkley lets me show you his nursery . . .