If I totalled up all the hours I’ve spent since September wishing for a pause button to put me back to August, then I might have time to unpack my suitcase from New York. It’s that time, isn’t it, when there is no time, when all we want is time, or just a tiny grasp on it, and it continues to evade us.  Thursday. Friday. Saturday. October. November. December.  Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Really? Already?

A round of recent requests for my best holiday fests have prompted me to repost some favorites — and to marvel at a girl who had such time for all this creativity. Where did she go? Can she come to my house?

Ice sculpting: Vodka and Cranberries. Instructions for all of the images below are here.

Make-your-own favor boxes, Santa style:

Rosemary napkin rings:

Peppermint milkshakes (from the drive-through!):

Boxwood wreath placecards:

And merigue topiaries (and oh no I did NOT make the meringues):