My British friend Angela uses the charming word “bits”  to describe the pretty little things in shops that suck you in and take up room in your suitcase.

I am addicted to bits. I’ve outlawed myself from buying any more. I have closets of bits and cupboards of bits and bits tucked in boxes, bins and drawers.

Some (shameful) recent acquisitions:

This vintage flashcard is from Sweet Salvage in Phoenix. This was meant for me.

Cindy bought me this beautiful bird dish, and I love it for catching coins and keys and even serving crackers. I can’t find this size online, but there’s a mini version in many colors sold



I dragged these vintage mini porcelain letters home from San Francisco and they now spell out a cheeky message at home. (The dollar sign: Ty’s last name has something to do with money, as does his job, and we both thought it was funny.) They’re from Timeless Treasures, one of my favorite SF shops.

I’m going to use these for my next dinner party.

Even higher on my “don’t buy” list than bits? Dishes. Someday I will photograph and share with you my dishes CLOSET, and then you’ll all send me links to your therapists.

These are from C. Wonder, in New York, and they’re on super sale. I was doomed.