We’re just back from a visit to the beach with my dad, sisters, and their entourage of cute kids. It made me laugh to notice all the black and white stripes in our family beach adventures. We’re consistent in our devotion.

This surf shop — complete with chandelier — rekindled my desire to decorate with surfboards.

Sunset, Carlsbad — yep, my beach towel is black and white striped.

My sister’s beach bag, from Crate & Barrel:

Other sister’s skirt, which she sewed herself:

The shop we were in — Bliss Home, Corona del Mar —  was torture. This seashell anchor was my favorite find. Ahoy, matey.

Babies, striped blankies, puppies:


Black and white striped hair? (I love my sisters)


And a new shirt from Forever 21 that Heidi (dark haired sister) and I both brought home from our sister shopping trip. $20. Awesome.

P.S. Remember when I decorated my former apartment in homage to the beach? Black and white stripes for days. See it here.