I just finished and loved The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, which I kept passing over at the bookstore because I thought the cover made it look too cute, too light, too girly.

It isn’t any of those things. Instead, it is a sophisticated, quirky tale about moms and daughters and, in one chapter, a lemon cake. I read it in a day. (And after, you will want lemon cake, absolutely.)

And if you do, I can tell you that The Barefoot Contessa’s lemon cake is fantastic.

Next up: Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Plot — his latest since he won the Pulitzer for Middlesex in 2002. It’s set at Brown University in 1982, and follows three college seniors as they come of age. It’s also a book about books, so I am predestined to adore.

Also: Nicole Krauss’ Great House, because I loved her novel, The History of Love, to distraction. This one is set, in part, in 1944 — the year my grandparents were married, and is a book about memory, and a big old desk. I can’t wait.