What to read, wear, sip, shop

A few of the things currently crowding my attention span:


Rejuvenation is now carrying these oh-so-cute Big Chill appliances — vintage inspired and so tempting for Camp Sterling. (Except, don’t you think they should have done something about the top freezer? I do hate a top freezer. There are some things about modern appliances to be revered.) A refrigerator is $3,499.


DeSoto Central Market just opened in downtown Phoenix in a historic building that used to be a car dealership. It houses varied local vendors offering eats, drinks and a cool vibe. I’m digging on the walls filled with subway tile and black and white signage.


I’m practically the caboose of the The Girl On The Train fan parade at this point, but if you haven’t read it, do … or save it for a summer beach book. It’s a Hitchcock-esque mystery and I read it in a single day, transfixed. Read the NPR review here.


This is likely unbecoming at my age, but I just can’t care. I love few things more in life than to go out dancing, particularly when DJ Kaskade is playing. (And if I ever say that I feel too old to have DJ crushes or to go dancing, please kidnap me to New Orleans and remind me that life is supposed to be fun.) “Never Sleep Alone” is Kaskade’s newest single. If you see me dancing in my car on Camelback Road, do say hello. (And if you need fun summer plans, he’s playing at XS in Las Vegas in May and June. I can’t wait.)


My friend Angela is one of the best-dressed women on the planet. (Really — think Valentino leather and Chanel lace on a freaking Tuesday night at Hillstone.) It’s exasperating, but also inspiring to study. She spends the whole of summer running about in a collection of crisp and breezy white tops and always looks perfect for every event. I’m thinking she’d wear this new Mantilla Silk Tunic from Anthropologie over her bikini to lounge about in Lake Tahoe,  and then put it on with light skinny jeans for dinner while we all shake our heads at her genius.

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A weekend of white roses

On Friday night, our friends Mark and Angela came to see our new house.  They lived in our neighborhood when they were newlyweds, too. In preparation for their visit, I piled cheese straws high on a plate, filled bowls in the kitchen with lemons, and clipped a few of the trailing white roses that spill over our fence for an arrangement on my nightstand.

We gave them a house tour. There was dinner at Tarbell’s. And after they left, their incredibly personal housewarming gift presided over the rest of our weekend.

Behold, the most glorious arrangement ever:

Mark and Angela are own the event company Angelic Grove — and Mark created this vase for me. The roses even mimic my bridal bouquet. Thank you, sweet friends, for such a thoughtful and personal gift.

And the white roses I cut from the fence are still going strong on the nightstand. Happy Spring. And Happy Monday, everyone.

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First look: Our black and white wedding in Paris

I’m so happy. We’re so happy. Tyson kept telling me all day: “I’m so happy. This is so fun.” It was the perfect wedding — rainy, romantic, and the lights on the Eiffel Tower came on early. We felt like it was all just for us. Our genius photographer Juliane Berry captured exactly how it felt — almost unreal.

I’ll share details throughout the week, but here’s a first look at our happiest day.


















I am married to this man.






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Starvation, my wedding dress, and our wedding … in Paris, France

My wedding dress arrived two weeks ago, and I did it. It’s black.

A cocktail dress, with lace edges and sheer sleeves. A dress for the ages, I think.

It channels Audrey Hepburn in Paris in 1954. It’s a runway dress. It even swishes around my legs when I walk. 

I’d been feeling timid about traditions (and damn that, seriously). But my friend Angela said that if I could see my own face when I talked about this dress, I’d buy it already, and stop looking at white gowns with a scrunched-up nose. 


And so, black. Audrey Hepburn-esque black. Black that fits like a dream with vintage chandelier earrings and satin pointed-toe shoes.

In Paris.

In October.

To Tyson, who has hired an accordionist for the vows, and tries to make me happy every day.

We’re eloping — just us two.

I think there will even be fall leaves.

And yes, I know.

Meanwhile, and this is guaranteed to assuage any envy, I’ve been starving myself lunatic-style since July to look good in a wedding dress of any color. It’s been a stressful couple of years with lots of change, which means I ate M&Ms and made pie every day and never went to the gym.

Come June, I couldn’t zip up my skinny jeans. I couldn’t zip up my regular jeans. I was living in yoga pants and a knit dress that I am now  tempted to burn.


I’m doing that HCG diet, which I know is terrible and crazy and unhealthy, etcetera, but it works quickly (20 pounds and counting), and I have a deadline and a plane ticket to France.

Do you think they have s’mores in France?

Do you think there’s such a thing as a s’more wedding cake?

I better not know.


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A Sneak Peek at the Sweet Salvage Sale

The new Sweet Salvage flash sale starts tomorrow (Thursday) and runs through Sunday. I went in for a sneak peek at the vintage goods, just so I could show you. It’s gooood, my friends. Call a friend. Get up early. Get in line. The doors open at 10 a.m.

I’m dying over these authentic vintage subway signs, about $250 each.


Oh, you know, just a vintage grand piano for under $1500.


This month’s theme is “At the Movies,” and Stephanie Williams’ booth boasts a Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe Theme. I want the lion, especially.


There’s a pair of these towering French balloon garden chairs. They’re my favorite find.


This pair of vintage medical chests would make killer nightstands. $199 each.


Pretty tufted chair. $399.


This cabinet’s price is MADNESS. $795. I’m coveting. And possibly buying. JaimeeRose_SweetSalvagePhoenixSneakPeek

Next movie section: Bond. James Bond, of course. JaimeeRose_SweetSalvagePhoenixSneakPeek

Cutest playroom storage ever. $300. Crazytown.


Fun metal LOVE sign.


In the “It’s Complicated” section, which has a sweet kitchen theme, I’m loving this vintage medical cabinet. If I was building a house, I’d build it into my kitchen. Or bathroom. Or closet.


JaimeeRose_SweetSalvagePhoenixSneakPeek IMG_6205

Sweet Salvage runs through Sunday. Go early, and tell me what you find!

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My picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Lest any of you think otherwise, the Nordstrom anniversary sale is running at full tilt. Cardholders can shop early, and the store is full of curtained-off sections that contain the sale items. You really can just walk behind the curtain and go for it. Cindy and I spent six hours yesterday stocking up on fall basics. It was a glorious cloudy day, and we bought boots and coats. I swear I could almost taste pumpkin pie.

My picks from the sale:

We each brought home a pair of these Tory Burch boots. Cindy’s are brown. Mine are black. They’re gorgeous things, and I’ll be wearing mine every day come November. $299, regularly $500.

Tory Burch 'Brita' Riding Boot

Dear anonymous benefactor, please send this rabbit-lined leather jacket, post-haste. I’m in mourning over it. Soooo yummy. $465, from $695.

Rudsak Genuine Rabbit Fur Trim Leather Jacket

By day two, the Scottsdale shop had almost sold out of this Halogen leather dress. It’s sexy. $198, down from $298.

Halogen® Back Zip Leather & Ponte Dress

Behold, Cindy’s new Mackage coat. I’d have bought one, too, but it was meant for someone with a longer torso than mine. If you have one, please try it on. It’s collar-rific. $395, regularly $590.

Mackage Leather Trim Double Breasted Coat

Remember when I told you about the best leggings known to womankind? I was wrong, and a post dedicated entirely to my new discovery is forthcoming. I’ve been holding out on you all summer. The very best leggings are Lysse, and they’re on super sale. $38, regularly $58. They hold you in, and you don’t even realize that your top is being controlled.

Lyssé® Control Top Leggings

I am courting this handbag by Pour La Victoire. It reminds me of the Celine bags that I covet. $329, from $495.

Pour la Victoire 'Butler - Large' Snake Embossed Leather & Suede Tote

Are you sensing fall’s color palette? Black and cognac, everywhere. This Laundry leather jacket is three trends in one: color-blocked leather with motorcycle styling. Glorious. $199 from $300.

Laundry by Shelli Segal Two Tone Leather Moto Jacket

And now for the non-sexy essentials that you can’t miss:

A pack of my favorite Zella cushioned-heel athletic socks is $13, down from $22, in black and white. How’s that for an exciting purchase?

Zella Tab Back Socks (3-Pack)

New pajamas are in order. These Make + Model pants are just $20, from $32, in fun solids and stripes. I bought black. Snore.

Make + Model 'Vintage Sleepy Time' Lounge Pants

The softest T-shirt you will ever touch is by Majestic. $79, down from $135, and you might try to wear it every day.

Majestic Long Sleeve Crewneck Top

Lastly – isn’t this little Kate Spade wallet cute? I’m so tempted, but I can’t decide between fuchsia and black and white. $64, from $98.

kate spade new york 'hancock park - small stacy' leather wallet

kate spade new york 'hancock park - small stacy' leather wallet

What did you buy?

P.S. If you’re not a Nordie’s cardholder, and don’t want another credit card, try this: I have a Nordstrom debit that’s linked to my checking account. This way, I still get all the benefits of being a Nordstrom cardholder (points, reward $$, and early shopping at the Anniversary Sale.)

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For Sale: A Two-Day Pop-Up Shop from my Collections

*****Sale closed. Thank you!

My “collecting” problems got to the point where I couldn’t close a couple of closets or walk into the dish room underneath the stairs. Tyson was ready to divorce me, and we aren’t married yet. So, I’m purging the excess of two decades of shopping, and you’re invited to peruse my collections. (SOB!)

Here’s the deal: if you see something you like, email me. (JaimeeNrose@gmail.com) I’ll tell you how to fetch your loot.  I’ll update this as things sell, so if it’s posted, assume it’s available. And check here again tomorrow (Monday) morning — I’m posting some furniture, rugs, craft supplies, vintage prints (oh, baby!) and draperies. And probably table linens, too.

All items must be claimed by Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. I’d prefer not to ship, so send me a note if you’re out of town and I’ll let you know if your item is still available after we’re through.

Thanks for looking!

Rattan dome $20



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SALE! My Nautical Pop-Up Shop at Design Lab

How’s this for my anchor fantasies come true: Design*Lab asked me set up a nautical pop-up shop (SO fun!),  and this week, the entire assemblage is 20% off before the store closes for July.

There are vintage ship parts, nautical flag banners, anchor hooks galore, little black whale boxes, tote bags for days, and even an anchor carnival light.

Design*Lab is at 166 W. Main St. in Mesa, in the same building as FOUND. It’s one of the best shops in the country. I loved being part of it! Watch for more Jaimee Rose pop-up shops to come this fall.

The goods:




Look at this vintage ship’s light I found — so amazing, and I spotted one for DOUBLE the price at a shop in California.



I’ve been stalking this anchor carnival light since I spotted it at the New York Gift Show in January. Hello, my love.


This red anchor pillow? Perfection. And can you handle the straw anchor rug? It’s under $60, my friends. SO affordable and fun. I need this for Coronado, stat.


Aaand, Turkish Towels have come to town! I ordered a slew for the store so I could buy half of them myself. (And did.) They’re incredible hand towels, guest towels and napkins. The larger sizes are killer bath towels/beach towels/summer scarves. I keep one in my car for the movie theater. (Also known as the arctic tundra of an Arizona summer.)


We have nautical notebooks and stationery, natch.


Cute beach bags/cosmetic bags/farmer’s market bags:




Behold, nautical bits of doom. I could never neglect the bits. The whale box might be my favorite thing in the whole bunch.



JaimeeRose_NauticalShop_DesignLab        JaimeeRose_NauticalShop_DesignLab

You better believe that these nautical flag placemats are in my beach suitcase for every picnic and barbecue. So fab.

JaimeeRose_NauticalShop_DesignLab  JaimeeRose_NauticalShop_DesignLab

And there are gorgeous lanterns, of course.


Hurry in — the shop closes at the end of this month, and there are fourth of July buckets to be had.

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The Sweet Salvage Shopping Wars (Vintage Furniture Fights)

Sweet Salvage is a four-day vintage market that happens the third weekend of every month on 7th Avenue in Phoenix. The doors open at 10 a.m., but the line starts forming at 7:30 a.m., and we’re talking about waiting OUTSIDE, people. In  Phoenix. In June.

Once the doors open, it’s all elbows and running and squealing and getting your yellow name tag on things as fast as you can. The fire marshal has rules about the crowds. Some shoppers even pay $25 to preview the sale the night before it starts, and then line up and sweat for two hours to come home with a vintage farmhouse table for $249. Yesterday, my partner in crime and I spent $5000 in 30 minutes. We’d been sweating in line since 8 a.m.



Have you ever been to Last Chance to see what happens when the workers roll out a new cart of Marc Jacobs handbags and the shoppers swarm like feral cats? Yeah, it’s like that.

These shoppers are definitely on something. (I had such a laugh when I spotted these vintage flash cards whilst being jostled and tugged by hungry furniture fiends yesterday.)

It’s also SO much fun and not to be missed. Go in the afternoon to skip the lines. There are still piles of treasures to claim.

Sweet Salvage is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today through Sunday.  Here’s a peek inside the frenzied shopping morning I shared with Angela Karp. Go with someone who you know will help you fight for black chippy-paint postal cabinets and wrought iron paneling. I did.



The line stretches around the building. Bottled water and complimentary umbrellas are on hand.


There’s a styled-out refreshment cart, complete with Diet Coke, hot dogs, and chips.


Angela and I ate all three, for breakfast.


Once inside, it’s treasure time. We loved this vintage game board.

I should have bought ALL of these green flower frogs. Dorie, tell me you got them, at least.


It’s fun to scour through all the styled vignettes to find the good stuff. I liked this light, below.


Inside Sweet Salvage, among the fighting hordes, I’ve spotted designers like me, event planners like Angela, bloggers, restaurant designers and even boutique owners who buy this stuff, mark it up, and resell it across town.

THAT good, my friends. Go.

And a special thanks to Sweet Salvage’s Stephanie, whom we loved shopping with, as well.

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