Local love: Millie’s Caramels by Jill McNamara

Jill McNamara is a gifted photographer, crafter, decorator, gardener, seamstress, party planner and a great, great friend.  And now she makes caramels and sells them locally, in an enterprise named for her grandmother, Millie.

Jill  let me invite myself over to her house and take a bite out of every single flavored caramel she makes.

I ate 21 caramels in an hour.



You can buy them online here or at the Biltmore Farmers Market. My favorite flavor is Bourbon Pecan (16 of the 21 I ate). Tyson loves the Peanut Butter and Honey. Jill just introduced a new concoction: Maple Brown Sugar. I’m not allowed to know anything more about that.



P.S. At the Brooklyn Flea Market, I ate caramel pie by Butter and Scotch. Did you see it on my Instagram feed? Oh, baby.

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Zara is coming to Scottsdale

Be still my studded shoulder pads. Zara is coming to Scottsdale Fashion Square. A sign inside the mall promises that we can all get our Valentino knockoffs “soon.”

Let’s meet in the parking lot outside Barneys for a rain dance and make more faux leather jackets fall from the sky.

I sound mean. I don’t feel mean.

I LOVE my faux leather jacket from Zara. This arrival is joyous news.

My current Zara love list:

Cheerleader-inspired sweatshirt, which is apropos for the opening, don’t you think? $79.

Sexy studded sandals for spring, $99.

So into this orange tote, $169.

You all know how I feel about a good jumpsuit. $79.

These look expensive. $89.

I own and love this. $299.

I’ll share the opening date as soon as it’s announced.

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Wanting across the Flyover

This is a toilet brush I saw in New York. It costs $114.

This is a  wastebasket. $178. Also seen in New York.

There is a smaller white version that I’m considering particularly, $135.

Oh, antlers. Antlers with studs and stones. My taxidermy bent is leaning me toward you. $898 at Michele Varian in SoHo.

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 8.02.09 AM


I would like this to come home from the New York gift show.  Spell whatever you like. Find the letters here.

In Los Angeles this week, I puckered up to these Kelly Wearstler marble lips at her shop on Melrose in Los Angeles this week.  $995. Gah.

Ms. Wearstler also offers this keyhole cuff, which is $275, and wonderful. Find it at her shop or at Nordstrom.


Still in Los Angeles, wandering through Barneys in Beverly Hills, I had a moment with Taschen’s Fashion Designers A-Z series — each volume encased in a lucite sleeve. $350.


And this is what I actually bought: a T-shirt ode to my wish list. $38 at Kitson. Glamorous, glamorous.

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 8.40.19 AM




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The Best Black Leggings That Exist

I just concluded the Great Legging Hunt of Winter 2013. I tried Hue, Wolford, Nordstrom brands, Forever 21 brands, J. Crew, Target, and more. It’s been polar here in Phoenix, and I’m heading on some work trips to icy climes. This means leggings. Leggings and boots every day.

I wear them under dresses and skirts and have been on a mad hunt since October to find a totally opaque pair that don’t fade, don’t sag in the knee after a few hours, and don’t feel like you’re wearing pants. Isn’t the entire point of leggings to pretend you’re wearing pajamas?

My research has produced three excellent discoveries:

1. Zella Live-In leggings, $52 and pictured above,  are to be added to your wardrobe post-haste. They’re sleek, opaque, comfortable, and chic, and recommended by fashionistas nationwide.

Add boots and a top or skirt that hits mid-thigh, and  no one will know you’re wearing yoga pants to work. Glory, hallelujah.The waistband doesn’t bind, either. I HATE that. They cling to the knee perfectly — which is the key to good leggings, I’ve learned. Another bonus: they’re reversible, and one side will keep you warmer than the other. Hello, New York City in January. I’m on my way.

TIP: Lululemon Wonder Unders also come recommended for all of the reasons above. I love Lulu — but the black is a weird color and doesn’t match my closet.

2. Eileen Fisher Leggings, $98 at Nordstrom and Dillard’s.

I’ve never tried anything by Eileen Fisher before, but the women on the internet promised me that these jersey leggings are legend. I went on a hunt, and they are, in fact, worth $98 . These are the gorgeous opaque tights I’ve been dreaming of all my life. Thin, soft, elegant, tight, high-quality. Hooray. I’m converted.

3. Vera Wang wears black leggings every single day and swears by Danskin Supplex, about $30 on amazon.com and pictured below. These leggings even offer hip and thigh compression. Hmmmm. Mine are on the way. Also, once upon a time (last year), Costco sold the best leggings in the world. My friends and sisters have been searching to no avail. Dear Costco, please bring them back.

What am I missing? Do you love leggings as much as I do? Tell me if there’s a secret pair that I haven’t yet found.

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Local love: I’m smitten with Vintage By Misty (and win $ for shopping local)

Misty and I have been “dating” for months now: a friend would try to set us up, and then we’d email, or text on Facebook, and then another friend would tell me that Misty is perfect for me, and then Misty would hear the same thing.

Misty owns a vintage fashion shop downtown, full of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent and leopard print and everyone who knows the two of us wanted to get us together. It happened, at long last. I went in. I lost my mind. I was there until the shop closed. I bought Christmas presents. I made Christmas wish lists. And now I email her once a week about another thing I need.  She also has an Etsy shop for her higher-end things, but then you won’t get to scope the bargain finds, or meet Misty, which is half the fun.


Misty makes jewels out of vintage Chanel buttons. I love them to distraction. They are surprisingly affordable. Rings start at $65.


Misty also stocks killer vintage pieces, like this Dior jacket which is haunting my dreams.


The jewelry is insane. Christina Brian, you need this Guillemette L’Hoir Tribal Necklace.

This Chanel button ring is just $90:

This is beautiful Misty. I love her.


These earrings …. oh, dear.



As for what I had to have, this Razza lion necklace is a hint.

I’ll show you when I wear it, and I’ll show you the other crazy thing I had to have  on Instagram and Twitter today, so follow along ( Twitter: @JaimeeRose, Instagram: @JaimeeRoseStyle). It’s from the men’s department.

Vintage By Misty is at 818 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, and parking is  in the back of the store. Follow along on Facebook  to see her latest finds. Also, the entire store is currently on sale.


When you’re out and about and shopping local, post photos of your favorite shops on Instagram and tag them #ReStyleShoutOut. REstyleSOURCE will be giving out random $50 gift cards to our Instagram taggers. Fun, right?

When you’re Tweeting and Instagramming in your favorite Phoenix shops, tag them #myphx to help the Phoenix Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. They’re running a big social media tourism campaign to bring $$$ to our fair state. You can also win a staycation in one of our glam resorts. Details here.



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D-I-Y: Tassel Fringe Gift Bags

I was staring at the pretty racks of upholstery trim in the fabric store when it came to me: ooh, presents. Why use something for its intended purpose when you can employ it to dress up Christmas gifts instead?

This is my kind of fast Christmas project. After three minutes with the hot glue gun, you have an overachieving gift bag with tassel fringe on top. (Reusable, too.)

I’ve decorated quite a few gifts with trim meant for upholstery and pillows this year. Come in and see what I’ve been up to (and yes, I’m feeling better — oh miracle, wonderful, drugs):




To make, you need kraft paper gift bags, a hot glue gun, and trim. My bags were purchased in bulk at Michael’s, and the trim is from Fabric Depot in Phoenix. (Candy cane: butterscotch, by Hammond’s Candies, from the Frances Studio holiday shop.)

Cut your trim to size. It looks best if it goes all the way around the top of the bag, as seen above, but you can also just adorn the front as I’ve done below.




Cute, isn’t it?

Below: I found this burlap-esque pillow trim in a little shop in the garment district in New York City and was very excited for its Christmas potential. The friendship tag is by Wendy Addison, from Tinsel Trading in New York.


Isn’t this grosgrain pleated trim gorgeous? I want to add it to the cuffs of a black sweater, too. Marni and I found it at MJ Trim, NYC — not sold online, but you might call and beg. The music notes paper is Caspari.


Also in ivory – leopard paper from The Container Store.


There are many tinsel possibilities in the furniture trim department.  Below: some pretties I spied at Fabric Depot.









I’m not a big fan of this stuff on pillows and draperies, but presents? Oh, my.



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Christmas, slowly

I’m not ready for Christmas, not in the slightest bit. All that cookie dough is still raw, in the fridge. All but three of the presents are in a heap in the craft room. (And these three I wrapped the day after Thanksgiving.) I have blank spots next to the names of people I love on my list. Gah.

And I’ve been sick — a nasty allergy attack that I self-diagnosed as a brain tumor, of course. (Some people should stay off of Google.)  My doctor had a lovely time yesterday making fun of me. I am a very fun person to tease. I’m calling in sick to my blog, friends. I’m sorry posting has been sporadic.

So here’s the Christmas I created in November. Perhaps when the drugs kick in  I can show you my gift wrap ideas. And the cookies I shall bake. And the tea party I want to have with my nieces.

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Local love: Inky Black Paper Arts

Ty spied this local artist at Frances’ Crafeteria two weekends ago and rightly steered me over. “There’s a typewriter,” he said. Indeed.

Vintage images on beautiful antique plates? Oh, baby. These are by Josie Cirincione of Inky Black Paper Arts, and my friends Berkley Vallone (interior designer of doom) and Shauna Kupetz (who owns JAM) are equally obsessed.

Josie has installed her entire collection this week at Frances in UNION at the Biltmore. Prices are about $35 to $120. I took home the two below, but please leave some Fornasetti plates for me.




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The days of changing clothes in the car

In each December, there is a crescendo of work and shopping and plans and parties that leads to a moment when I find myself late for something, hiding in a parking lot, changing clothes in my car.

Joy to the world.

I have a good laugh, but I still need solutions, sleep and a car wash. (Last night, Tyson said to me: “You look younger, did you get some sleep? When you don’t get enough rest, you look old . . . er.”)

And heaven and nature sing.

My solutions for these last-minute moments:

1. JUST ADD RED LIPSTICK I feel like a breathless magazine editor telling you this, as if a lipstick really can change the world. But I finally found the burgundy shade I’ve been hunting for, and it certainly made me feel glam when I put it on (in the car) last Friday night. Try Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Color in La Sensuelle, $32.50 at Nordstrom. (Ahem, Chanel: that lipstick name is eight words long.)



2. THE PERFECT BLACK DRESS It holds you in, flares in the right places, is right for every possible holiday party, and doesn’t wrinkle when it spends the day in the car. Add a cardigan for work. I own it, love it, wear it to death. $288 at Nordstrom.

3. A HOSTESS GIFT FROM THE GROCERY STORE I’m there with you, friends, running in on the way to the party, wishing I’d been more prepared and thoughtful. Do this: grab a bottle of champagne, a gift bag, and a pint of Haagen Dazs. Tell her the champagne is for now, and the Haagen Dazs is for later – her post-party treat. Tell her not to share.


4. LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEA Have you gotten your hands on one of Restoration Hardware’s faux fur throws? Softest, prettiest, cuddliest things ever. And just $79. I put this on the top of my wish list, and would happily give to anyone I love. The lynx color is my favorite.


Wishing you a happy weekend filled with holiday joy, red lipstick and enough time to get dressed at home.




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Go There: Frances Holiday Shop

I wandered into the Frances Pop-up Holiday Shop in Phoenix over the weekend, found myself in Christmas wonderland. You’ll all want to visit immediatement.  It’s piled with old-fashioned ornaments, glitter-covered bristle trees, and gingerbread heaven. (Also, the GOOD candy canes, from Hammond’s.) Find it in the same stripmall as Frances on Central and Camelback in Phoenix. I found a wreath that reminded me of my Granna and the one that used to hang in her hallway. Thank you, Frances, for that memory of her.



This would be a mercury glass ANCHOR ornament. My nautical leanings are tempted.


The best candy canes from Hammond’s, and they come in many colors. (I bought white, because I’m insane like that.) Try the ones filled with chocolate, which Tyson’s mom turned me onto. Hammond’s is in Denver, near T’s home town.





The wreath that I found and love:

Again, Frances is at 10 W. Camelback Road in Phoenix, on the northwestern corner of Camelback and Central.


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