I’m not ready for Christmas, not in the slightest bit. All that cookie dough is still raw, in the fridge. All but three of the presents are in a heap in the craft room. (And these three I wrapped the day after Thanksgiving.) I have blank spots next to the names of people I love on my list. Gah.

And I’ve been sick — a nasty allergy attack that I self-diagnosed as a brain tumor, of course. (Some people should stay off of Google.)  My doctor had a lovely time yesterday making fun of me. I am a very fun person to tease. I’m calling in sick to my blog, friends. I’m sorry posting has been sporadic.

So here’s the Christmas I created in November. Perhaps when the drugs kick in  I can show you my gift wrap ideas. And the cookies I shall bake. And the tea party I want to have with my nieces.