I’ve been saving my favorites for October — there are enchantments and sweaters and leaves all wrapped up in just that very word. Today is October, and I’m just glad. (Glad like Anne of Green Gables – remember her gladness musings?)

And October is for pumpkins, of course. Today projects are inspired by Kelly Wearstler, a favorite designer of mine. Black and gold and grommets all over. Read on, and I’ll show you how I made them.

The inspiration:

The translation:

To make, tape off an angled design with green frog tape. Push the tape down between the ridges.

Cover the area that you’d like to remain black with plastic — dry-cleaning bags, shopping bags, even trash or grocery bags will work.

Then, spray paint. Rustoleum makes the very best brass and chrome finishes — that’s important.

Remove the tape after about 30-45 minutes. You will then have this:

I tried the same technique with glitter. Tape off the pumpkin, brush on some glue (I use Elmer’s), add glitter (Martha Stewart), feel pleased.

Black glitter on black pumpkins looks crazy cool in real life. Just the kind of glamorous mystery I love.

Next, I tried the same technique with silver leaf — just use one of those silver or gold leaf kits from Michaels. It was easy and fun.

To make the grommet pumpkin below, use a carve-ready faux pumpkin or (ahem), a real one that you’ve hollowed out. I drilled holes and stuck the grommets in. That’s all. My grommets are from Ace Hardware.

How are you celebrating October? Last night Tyson and I watched movies and went for a little walk to look up at the full harvest moon. Tonight, I’m thinking soup and joy.