Last night, I went to bed in tears for a mother named Glenda Moore in Staten Island, whose two little boys, aged 2 and 4, were torn from her arms by Hurricane Sandy’s surge. Yesterday, rescue workers found them at the end of the street, drowned. Their names were Connor and Brendan.

According to the Associated Press, Glenda Moore’s SUV stalled in rising water and she lost her grip on the boys as they tried to escape.

“In a panic, she climbed fences and went door-to-door looking in vain for help in a neighborhood that was presumably largely abandoned in the face of the storm. She eventually gave up, spending the night trying to shield herself from the storm on the front porch of an empty home,” AP reported.

This list will help you choose the best way to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

People are hungry and cold. Their homes are underwater or gone. There is a fuel shortage, and it’s hard to get around, to get help, to find family. I’m coming home tomorrow — if I can get to the airport — with this city, and my family, and Connor and Brendan’s mother in my heart.

 The Empire State Building, as seen from the New York Public Library reading room, where I looked for light in the dark.