So, I’m at work, but I’m hereby putting my editors on notice: heart’s gone to the beach, peeps. And I’d better quash it, because I’ve got a week and a half to go.

Speaking of words and oceans, did you see . . . Courteney Cox’s beachside home in Elle Decor (pics a little lower, keep reading.) Or David Stark’s incredible book-themed party decor on Design Spongethis morning? My editor Diane is going to freak. She is not a fan of compromising the printed page in favor of visual pleasures. I, however, LOVE it. I want to make a sailboat out of a book and put it under a cloche, like so. (Note the anchor.)

Back to Ms. Cox: her home is what you’d expect from a millionairess who has great taste, but I can’t get over her art, which is word-filled and just the way I like it:

This painting by Matthew Heller launched a google fest for more of his work:

I’m really into it:

(The lyrics from Chicago in the painting below makes me feel like I’m in junior high, pining for my crush du jour.)

Thinking I need to break out my paints again . . .

(P.S. Courteney’s living room is below: hello, gorgeous. See the rest of her place here. Photos of her home by Simon Upton for Elle Decor. )

Now, back to beach discussion. I need some good beach books. Anybody?