I was staring at the pretty racks of upholstery trim in the fabric store when it came to me: ooh, presents. Why use something for its intended purpose when you can employ it to dress up Christmas gifts instead?

This is my kind of fast Christmas project. After three minutes with the hot glue gun, you have an overachieving gift bag with tassel fringe on top. (Reusable, too.)

I’ve decorated quite a few gifts with trim meant for upholstery and pillows this year. Come in and see what I’ve been up to (and yes, I’m feeling better — oh miracle, wonderful, drugs):




To make, you need kraft paper gift bags, a hot glue gun, and trim. My bags were purchased in bulk at Michael’s, and the trim is from Fabric Depot in Phoenix. (Candy cane: butterscotch, by Hammond’s Candies, from the Frances Studio holiday shop.)

Cut your trim to size. It looks best if it goes all the way around the top of the bag, as seen above, but you can also just adorn the front as I’ve done below.




Cute, isn’t it?

Below: I found this burlap-esque pillow trim in a little shop in the garment district in New York City and was very excited for its Christmas potential. The friendship tag is by Wendy Addison, from Tinsel Trading in New York.


Isn’t this grosgrain pleated trim gorgeous? I want to add it to the cuffs of a black sweater, too. Marni and I found it at MJ Trim, NYC — not sold online, but you might call and beg. The music notes paper is Caspari.


Also in ivory – leopard paper from The Container Store.


There are many tinsel possibilities in the furniture trim department.  Below: some pretties I spied at Fabric Depot.









I’m not a big fan of this stuff on pillows and draperies, but presents? Oh, my.