My Design Process

I believe that your home should tell your story.

From the first moment of your project, my team and I work in harmony with you, your architect and your builder to refine details both large and small into a space that feels entirely your own.

First, I ask a lot of questions — about space needs, colors and architectural styles, of course, and about the way you’d like your home to feel. We’ll obsess over floor plans, pore over photos, sort through fabrics, and get tactile with samples of stone, tile, metal and wood.

But I also want to understand the way that you live. How do you spend Sunday afternoons? What’s the most comfortable place in your house? What’s always on your nightstand? What’s your favorite hotel? And where do your messes pile up?

Because I know this: Good design can actually help you live better.

Next, we work together to plan each corner of your space, to build in solutions for your life and to choose the materials and finishes that will create a cohesive whole: flooring and doors, windows and wall treatments, ceiling details and cabinet drawings, plumbing and light fixtures, even which doorknob feels just right in your hand.

I communicate your choices to your builder with exacting specification to ensure your project’s efficiency and success.

Lastly, my team and I help you fill your rooms with the things that you love — from custom furniture and draperies down to the accessories on the coffee table and the family photos on the wall. These last details can’t be personal enough: art created from farm records for the son of a cotton grower, heirloom costume jewelry framed for the dressing room walls, even wallpaper created from old wartime love letters.

And from the beginning of our work together, I’ve had the end of this story in mind. As in all the good stories, it’s the best part: you open your new front door and walk into a space that delights you, comforts you, and already feels like home.


Tell us everything! We want to know all about your family, and how you live your life. We’ll discuss your must-haves, inspiration points and pain points alike, and engineer your home to make life easier and to be a place you always want to be.

Step 2:  Design Development

We work with your architect and builder to execute your directions, establishing floor plans, elevations, materials and details to ensure a cohesive and inspiring flow that fits your budget and your vision.

Step 3:  In-Studio Presentation

Pop the champagne! Come in and relax while we present plans, drawings and design boards. Touch and feel each tile and cabinet door as your home takes shape.

Step 4:  Project Management

The build and design teams work closely throughout the construction process, communicating on your behalf with finish schedules, drawings, and site visits to ensure the correctness and quality of your project.

Step 5:  Ordering and Expediting

About six months before moving day, if desired, we design and present your interior environment, then order the furnishings and window treatments you’ve selected to complete your home. Our purchasing team coordinates each delivery to our warehouse, where it is opened, inspected and stored for installation. You are provided with expediting reports to track progress.

Step 6:  Installation and Reveal

The JRI installation team brings in furnishings, artwork, and window coverings and installs them to turnkey level.  Sofas are placed and tailored, bookshelves are styled and filled, beds are made and sheets are steamed. You walk in to flowers, comfort and your new home.