My friend Jill had a birthday. She likes things in Mason jars. I’ve been wanting to make S’more Pie for ages. Tyson found the perfect chocolate pudding at Trader Joe’s, and a simple, sweet treat was born. Happy Birthday to Jill.

I love the chocolate pudding in a jar served at the new Federal Pizza in my neighborhood, but decided to replace the Oreo crust with a graham cracker crust in true s’more fashion. The rest of this is just an easy assemblage of very good pre-made ingredients.

You need: Belgian chocolate pudding from Trader Joe’s, which is the best chocolate pudding I’ve had, a jar of marshmallow creme, and and graham crackers, butter, and sugar to make a crust. Did you know they sell graham cracker crumbs now?

Stir together the pie crust, which is fun and easy, I promise. (The recipe is here.). You can bake it in a pie plate as directed or just spread it on a parchment-lined sheet pan. Sprinkle the top with salt before baking.

Let it cool, then add a layer of crumbling, buttery crust into a short Mason jar.

Add a layer of pudding and a layer of marshmallow creme.

Use a kitchen torch (or a candle-lighter) to toast the top of the marshmallow. If there’s a man who lives in your house, he will think this is great fun.

Then tie up the treats with mini wooden ice cream spoons, twine, and a birthday candle, of course.

I think these are the next dinner party dessert chez moi — so easy and fun to have your very own s’more pudding in a jar to take home and finish later.