Look at all this cool stuff you made.

Kim at TomKat Studio put together the cutest cupcake decorating party, complete with downloads like cupcake toppers and spooky buffet labels. (Kim, where did you get those place mats?)




Susan Crabtree imagined glittered coffin party invitations, and who could miss a party that begins with this? Instructions on her blog, Poca Cosa.


Susan, what is that bone paper? I need that, too.


These pillows were made from repurposed men’s suits by Bev Burch, who owns the Willows in Phoenix. These are for sale in her shop, but they’d befun to try at home, too, after a spin through a thrift store.


PinkSlipStyle‘s Ginger Murphy made thils killer spooky tree, which even has candles you can light. Find it at The Willows.


Cindy Lewton set the tab;es for a Ryan House fundraiser with style: a Mad-Hatter-in Autumn theme. She MADE that doll, people.


Alice in Wonderland meets pumpkins. That sounds like a good theme to me.


Kelly Ettenborough — who was my editor here once upon a time — crafted a chalkboard canvas with her tween-aged daughter, Ivy.

Kelly: “The front and all the edges were painted. (The glare on the photo looks like it isn’t.) Then, since we recently had seen The Help, this is what Ivy wanted to write on it with blue chalk. We also have a three-foot by three-foot canvas hanging in the hallway. It’s like a rotating art exhibit. Guests write messages and draw pictures.

By wiping away the chalk with a damp washcloth, you can change it to anything you want.

We hung Ivy’s “chalkboard” by her mirror in her room as she spends a lot of time there these days fixing her hair. A lot of time.”


And Shauna at JAM made glittered pumpkins, which are still one of my very favorite things to do in fall.