Before autumn is over and it’s twinkle light time, I thought I’d show you the pumpkin parade at my house. I pulled out my china and went with a vintage vibe. The antlers are courtesy my father, who about lost his mind when I called and asked if i could borrow them. (He’s been, uh, discouraged from his antler habit by decorators in the past.) “They’re stylish now!” I told him, and then he let me borrow his very best ones.

My favorite tableaux: a green striped pumpkin and my platinum leather dictionary. (Confession: writers like to READ dictionaries. I know. It’s weird.)

Vintage trophies and boxwood teacup topiaries:

Pumpkins and poetry:

And behold, my birthday gift from Ty: a vintage typewriter. I hinted a little, and he researched and considered and found The One. It even works.