*****Sale closed. Thank you!

My “collecting” problems got to the point where I couldn’t close a couple of closets or walk into the dish room underneath the stairs. Tyson was ready to divorce me, and we aren’t married yet. So, I’m purging the excess of two decades of shopping, and you’re invited to peruse my collections. (SOB!)

Here’s the deal: if you see something you like, email me. (JaimeeNrose@gmail.com) I’ll tell you how to fetch your loot.  I’ll update this as things sell, so if it’s posted, assume it’s available. And check here again tomorrow (Monday) morning — I’m posting some furniture, rugs, craft supplies, vintage prints (oh, baby!) and draperies. And probably table linens, too.

All items must be claimed by Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. I’d prefer not to ship, so send me a note if you’re out of town and I’ll let you know if your item is still available after we’re through.

Thanks for looking!

Rattan dome $20