In last Sunday’s New York Times (my beloved), T Magazine was themed “The Inspiration Issue.” I loved reading about the moments that electrified greats like Chinua Achebe, Anthony Bourdain, and Michael Chabon.

(Tony Bourdain = reading Hunter S. Thompson, which just makes so much sense.)

Finding things that electrify and excite is what I love to do. A peek at a few of my recent inspiration points around town:

I’m in big, wild love with this smug little gold fox perched on a quilted bag from Burberry (also in black) at Nordstrom. $2695, and dammit.

A “just because” notebook from sweet Marni, whose eyes take in the world with such lusty, grateful joy.

Sir Owl, of Target. Isn’t he debonair?

Finally getting to pull out my new sweater skirt from an evening at Kierland Commons with Marni — Ty and I are heading to San Francisco for a wedding soon, and it’s going to be cold enough to wear. (Crisp air = worth the price of the plane ticket alone.)

Giant framed goose portrait at Peek, a new children’s shop in Fashion Square. I love this idea for any room in the house — such an insouciant take on traditional portraits. Must copy. Michael Sowa (as featured in Amelie) does similar paintings, available here.


I want tassels on my boots. These are Coach — the Therese boot, and $398. For that,  I think I could tassel my own. (Remember when I made the tassel keychains?)

Lastly, don’t laugh, but have you seen these new-fangled soda machines where you can mix your own soda? It’s called the Coke Freestyle Machine, and there were 127 combinations in this little dispenser alone. I could have raspberry-vanilla Coke Zero. Lime Coke Zero. Cherry Coke Zero with a hit of Lemon.

This is bad, friends. Very bad.

(I found it at America’s Taco Shop on the 101 and Via de Ventura in Scottsdale, but I’m told they’re also at Five Guys locations here.)

Happy weekend!