We are moving. Yes. Do a little dance with me and celebrate the end of two people sharing 800 square feet. It got to the point where only one of the kitchen cabinets could be opened without things falling on our heads. The big day is April 1, and I’m in a decorating frenzy.

The new place is modern, light and bright, and looks something like this:

Remember: 800 square feet, people. One bathroom. One closet. I have earned that bathtub.

We’ll be collecting furniture for awhile to fill up this space, which means I’ve now joined the obsessive ranks of Craigslist stalkers. I saw this crazy couch on there one weekend and was freaking out until I could make it mine. When Ty saw it, he thought I’d finally gone mad. It’s at the reupholstery shop while I figure out which shade of white to dress it in. Meanwhile, just look:

Isn’t that shape just wonderful? The darker lines are ruched velvet, not wood. And I can’t decide what to do. I want it to be white, but help me, friends: will all white blur the lines of awesomeness? Linen is another option, but I still can’t figure out contrasting fabric that I would like. If you had purchased this pretty piece of crazy, much to the shock of your Mr., how would you dress it up? Seriously. Help me! Comment below or jaimee.rose@arizonarepublic.com. I will, of course, be showing you whatever the “after” turns out to be.