This weekend, I made homemade chocolate sorbet.

Oh, indeed.

And oh, my.

And oh,  you-want-to-make-this-immediately.  It instantly became the next thing I will serve at a dinner party, with a little cookie or chocolate-dipped strawberry on the side. It is killingly easy, relatively low in fat and calories, and tastes like the inside of a truffle. Also — so rich that a single scoop is enough to reach that chocoholic dreamland. Basically, the perfect dessert.

You boil some cocoa powder and water and sugar on the stove and then you stir in chopped chocolate. Chill it, freeze it and then try to hide it from the person you live with, who will want to eat the entire batch in a night.

I wonder if a spoonful is acceptable for breakfast. Probably not, but I’m going in, anyway.

The recipe, from David Lebovitz’s A Perfect Scoop, is online (with more rhapsodic praise) at Smitten Kitchen.