On one of those August days when it was too hot to live, I went to the Biltmore for Haagen-Dazs strawberry sorbet — one of my favorite summer desserts. It tastes like summer distilled (in a place where summer is lovely).  As an excuse to spend extra time standing in front of the freezer, I decided to make strawberry sorbet myself.  Then, I made my sorbet into mini strawberry tarts, which are easy and adorable. (Because I bought the tart shells pre-made.) And tomorrow, I’ll show you the best use for strawberry sorbet yet. It also requires nothing more than opening something that someone else made.

Disclaimer: you can make all of these things with strawberry sorbet from the grocery store, and all of this will be just as lovely.

This stuff: it’s gorgeous.

If you want to make your own, all you have to do is puree strawberries with sugar and lemon juice and put the whole mess into an ice cream freezer. I followed this recipe.

You can stop here, eat this by the bowlful, and be very happy. Or, you can make it taste like fresh strawberry pie on ice, in mini shells to impress your girlfriends.

Buy mini phyllo shells from the grocery store. (I found these at Bashas’.)

Scoop out the sorbet, place on a tray, and freeze well so it will hold up in the tarts.


Place in shells, garnish with strawberries, and serve.

Whipped cream wouldn’t hurt, either.

Aren’t those sweet? Come back tomorrow for a strawberry sorbet drink that takes even less time and is wicked, wondrous heaven. It involves corks.