Jessica and I do Zumba together, and she told me to pack my all stemware in wine boxes so I won’t have to worry about them breaking. For that, I am grateful. (I have an unreasonable amount of glasses.) For that, I am giving Jessica what she requests: some pics of the new place. It’s going to be a couple months (and many paychecks) before we can go on the full tour together. Besides,  fussing up my house is one of  my favorite things to do, so I hope it can last.

The new house is light and bright, and it will be lighter and brighter when Ty gets the rest of the light fixtures up and I make up my mind about lamps. Also: there are still unpacking messes in the corners of these pictures, so pretend you don’t notice, OK?

The kitchen window:

Kitchen open shelving:

Ty drinks out of his personal mug all the time. And makes recipes from his personal cookbook. (I’m kidding, but isn’t it cute?)

My sister found me this nightlight, which happens to be in my china pattern.

The new dining table. After all of that fuss, my mom and I decided that the Ikea table with the leaf was actually the best piece for the space. I have big plans for a vintage upholstered settee on one side, and linen host and hostess chairs on the ends. (Also: larger centerpiece on way — it’s chic, clever, and affordable, and I can’t wait to show you when it arrives.)

Patio, which I love. The doors recede.

Won’t you have a seat in the reading nook and pet Bergdorf, my dog? My mom and I set this up and it made us laugh. I loved it — Bergdorf is the best kind of pet. I am doing something about all the black in this corner, though. You’ll see . . .

(And my mug, which matches Ty’s.)

What do you think?