My annual entry to the Rose Family Gross-Out Halloween Buffet is as follows:

Bleeding Knife In My Heart cupcakes. Mmmmm.

The knife is candy, too.

My nephews are going to squawk. My Aunt Cynthia will wrinkle her nose and squirm. Tyson has already eaten three.

I can’t wait.

How to make them yourself: Gather supplies. I absolutely used a mix. For red velvet cake, Sprinkles’ mix is killer, but I think homemade cream cheese icing makes the cake underneath a moot point.

I chose red velvet cake, because it looks like blood, of course.

I think mini versions are best for parties. Everyone feels OK making a small indulgence.

I found my candy knives at ABC Baking Cake Decorating in Phoenix (on a very happy day — I was THRILLED). They’re by Wilton, so I bet you could find them in your ‘hood too. They’re online here — and half off.

At ABC, I also found these mini sugar bones. I’m still considering their Halloween role.

My baking cups are nut cups from ABC also — 99 cents for 25. You don’t even need a muffin tin.

Once your cakes are baked and cooled, use a big star tip to pipe on a pile of icing and add red Wilton gel for “blood.” Make sure to help it “drip” down the sides.

Then stab that cupcake in the heart.

(Shudder and squeal.)

P.S. Want to see photos from my Mom’s past Spookfests? She even has her own coffin. Witness the carnage from 2011 here,  2010 here (ear wax!), and 2009 here (scabs!). This year’s party is Nov. 3. It’s that kind of  year.

Photos copyright Jaimee Rose