Jill McNamara is a gifted photographer, crafter, decorator, gardener, seamstress, party planner and a great, great friend.  And now she makes caramels and sells them locally, in an enterprise named for her grandmother, Millie.

Jill  let me invite myself over to her house and take a bite out of every single flavored caramel she makes.

I ate 21 caramels in an hour.



You can buy them online here or at the Biltmore Farmers Market. My favorite flavor is Bourbon Pecan (16 of the 21 I ate). Tyson loves the Peanut Butter and Honey. Jill just introduced a new concoction: Maple Brown Sugar. I’m not allowed to know anything more about that.



P.S. At the Brooklyn Flea Market, I ate caramel pie by Butter and Scotch. Did you see it on my Instagram feed? Oh, baby.