My friend Shanna and I have started a new tradition of weekend craft days, in which we choose a project and finish it in a single afternoon. During these hours, we also solve world peace, listen to Bebel Gilberto, start new exercise programs, virtually lose 15 pounds and plan trips to Europe that we may or may not actually take.

This is therapeutic in so many ways. A few Saturdays ago, my project was an homage to a black and white abstract  painting that Shanna had stored on her phone to show me.

The inspiration:


The process:

First, a trip to my craft room and Arizona Art Supply for materials. I like acrylic paint and extra-thick canvases.


Next, I piled on layers of white and cream paint to get a background going with some good depth.


Busting out a paint spatula is a creates blocky texture and the paint ridges that I love.


I used walnut ink to section off the painting. Drips are good.


And then started filling in with lines.


The next morning, I hung it on the black wall. JaimeeRose_DIYBlackandWhiteAbstractPainting

What do you think?

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