Strolling around SOHO, Cindy and I stumbled upon the opening weekend of C. Wonder, a much-hyped, much-adored brand-new shop from Chris Burch, Tory’s ex-husband. The concept is Tory for the masses, for the home, for the shoe closet, the jewelry box — and unlike Tory, all of it is affordable, too. (The ex is still on her board, and I do wonder if she’s mad.)

Giant green doors on Spring Street beckoned us:

Two seconds into that shop, and  we were crazed. Imagine: bright housewares, sweaters of doom, fantastic jewelry, shoes, handbags, belts galore, ikat napkins, and dinnerware worthy of inventing a party. A throw pillow was $35. Shirts were $69. Gorgeous wool throw blankets — that you could monogram — $99. You can monogram sweaters, oxfords, shoes, EVERYTHING. It was prep nirvana.

I loved this jewelry — but wanted all of it to wear, together, at the same time.

There are even pretty boxes to keep your baubles safe.

I loved the housewares best, and brought home the most fantastic leopard throw pillow in black and white.

Dishes, oh the dishes. Trouble.

Behold, C. Weber losing her mind at the cash register at C. Wonder. The wallpaper had her initials, and she was bewitched.

There was even a bathroom to worship and adore:

Pretty pretty pretty prep.

Yes, I think we all need color-coordinated athletic equipment.

Brilliance: you can personalize the lighting and the music in your fitting room.

I was charmed by the window display:

There were even initial belt buckles, and I think it’s official: C. Wonder spells LOVE.

The shop’s website will be up and running in the next couple of weeks — and more stores are scheduled to open across the country. (Drool virtually in the meantime on Facebook.)

To see more, Kevin Sharkey of Martha Stewart has an excellent sneak peek here (and some of his photos are above).  A few of the (better) photos are also from C. Wonder.