Yesterday I had a major NYC windowshop fest (see my route on Twitter or Instagram, @jaimeerosestyle), and wandered into Joe Fresh, which is a new New York City thing — with a website, for those of us in the flyover. (That’s what they call Phoenix here in NYC, the “flyover,” as in “we fly OVER you to get to LA.”)

Kind, those New Yorkers.

Joe Fresh is on the Zara-H&M-high fashion discount train, emphasizing chic basics with a fashion twist. I like that ride. Take a look:

I loved these shoes, which in real life have orange-colored bottoms, Louboutin-style.They’re just $79.

Houndstooth dress, impossible to resist, $49:

Sweet sweater with a fun pattern, $49:

And this sequin-sleeve T-shirt is just $29, and the perfect thing for the upcoming holiday cocktail party parade:

And if you’re one of those bright-pants people (I’m jealous, I wish I had the courage to join you) these are $39 but look expensive:

There’s much more in the store, including a hair calf handbag that resembles Gucci that I am oh-so-tempted to haul home. It’s forest green, or black, or burgundy. So add this shop to your NYC  list.

Lastly, something that I absolutely did not need to know about because we are now plotting how to go back for more: the City Bakery Pretzel Croissant. It defies logic: salty doughy pretzel bread made light and layered like a croissant. It has the malty pretzel gloss finish and ethereal croissant crunch. And sesame seeds on top, like a bagel. Every bread in one. Howl.

Photo from Serious Eats, a great guide to getting yourself in trouble in the city.