Tyson has hijacked the Thanksgiving menu. He wants oysters, homemade appetizers (sausages en croute!) and homemade chestnut soup, Turkey confit, stuffing-potatoes-gravy, of course, but also sweet potato pie with a gingersnap crust, to go with homemade nutmeg ice cream.

Also: he thinks he’s going to make it all himself. His mother and I are entertained. We are remembering a similar menu at Christmas dinner last year that he also “made all by himself.”

(I never should have let him onto epicurious.com.)

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving — a day when Ty’s mom and I will be following him around all the grocery stores in Colorado, trying to talk him out of things —  I will offer you this, and wish to be so lucky.

Here is the easiest and best appetizer to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner: go to Trader Joe’s. Buy my new favorite cheese.

Buy these newly discovered wonderful Raisin-Rosemary crackers.

Make them look pretty on plates.

Revel in the compliments.

The End.

(Wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving — in or out of the kitchen — wherever you are happy to be.)

(Please pray for me that they are out of chestnuts in Colorado.)