Our Design Process

Complimentary Consultation

Excitement. Inspiration. Exploration.

Design Development

Space Planning. Materials. Refinement.

In-Studio Presentation

Design Boards. Samples. Creation.

Project Management

Construction Documents. Implementation. Site Visits.

Ordering and Expediting

Proposals. Orders. Deliveries.

Installation and Reveal

Furniture. Final details. Moving In.


Tell us everything! We want to know all about your family, and how you live your life. We’ll discuss your must-haves, inspiration points and pain points alike, and engineer your home to make life easier and to be a place you always want to be.

Step 2:  Design Development

We work with your architect and builder to execute your directions, establishing floor plans, elevations, materials and details to ensure a cohesive and inspiring flow that fits your budget and your vision.

Step 3:  In-Studio Presentation

Pop the champagne! Come in and relax while we present plans, drawings and design boards. Touch and feel each tile and cabinet door as your home takes shape.

Step 4:  Project Management

The build and design teams work closely throughout the construction process, communicating on your behalf with finish schedules, drawings, and site visits to ensure the correctness and quality of your project.

Step 5:  Ordering and Expediting

About six months before moving day, if desired, we design and present your interior environment, then order the furnishings and window treatments you’ve selected to complete your home. Our purchasing team coordinates each delivery to our warehouse, where it is opened, inspected and stored for installation. You are provided with expediting reports to track progress.

Step 6:  Installation and Reveal

The JRI installation team brings in furnishings, artwork, and window coverings and installs them to turnkey level.  Sofas are placed and tailored, bookshelves are styled and filled, beds are made and sheets are steamed. You walk in to flowers, comfort and your new home.

It’s in the details

Design Tip

Fully paneled walls will always create a stunning architectural envelope – particularly when paired with modern lighting. Small details like the continued corner paneling in the dining room show that no design element was overlooked.

Give your life a little white space


Benjamin Moore

Swiss Coffee





Benjamin Moore

Simply White SATIN

Take Shape

Design Tip

The most important qualification of a bar stool – besides being the most comfortable one you can find – is the rear-end view. Truly! That’s the part you see all day, every day – look for interesting textures and a great shape.




Silver Drop


Benjamin Moore

Swiss Coffee


Benjamin Moore

Simply White SATIN

Have Fun

Design Tip

Even your pool bath can have a good time.  We love to take tile all the way up every wall – it creates an instant statement that also makes the entire space waterproof, kid-proof, life-proof!


Design Tip

Make your house personal. The best compliment is “this house feels just like you.” Pull out select pieces from your travels and surround yourself with the things that bring you joy.


Design Tip

Think about your relaxation points. Where are you happiest? In front of the TV, or gazing at a tree? Or both at the same time? Find the most comfortable and beautiful piece of furniture you can and put it right in that magic zone. And don’t forget the drinks table!

Make it Work

Design Tip

Put your house to work! Technology now means music at the command of your voice, motorized window shades that you can operate with your phone, and hard-working appliances hidden behind custom cabinetry. Secretly featured in this butler’s pantry: a dishwasher, two ice makers – cocktail and pebble, a warming drawer, and two more mini fridges for her La Croix and his Guinness.