When Miss Scarlett Rose Roberts was on her way to my sister, Kapri, the women in my family went soft in the head. My mom, sister Heidi and I threw a ruffled, rhinestoned shower with a rose theme to celebrate, all in pink. Take a peek:

Kapri has quite the closet waiting for Scarlett. We pulled out the greatest hits and displayed them on wire dress forms we bought at Ikea a few years ago.

In a stroke of brilliance, my mom pulled out all our white doll furniture to double as decor and serving dishes.














Plastic forks + cute PB Kids vanity = no one cares that the flatware is disposable.

Pesticide-free roses look very pretty floating in ice water, and a doll armoire holds the glass flutes. (Invest in real glassware, friends — enough for large party. Yes, you have to wash it, but it’s infinitely more posh and you’ll use it forever.) Find these here.














Isn’t it sweet? (Love that baby dress.) Here’s a close-up of the dessert table.

Of course we had to have cupcakes, baked a few days in advance and frozen by moi, then frosted and dusted with pink-dyed coconut just before the party.

The mini pink milkshakes return.

(If y’all missed this from my last bash, it’s my favorite trick of the year. The milkshake is from the McDonald’s drive-though, decanted into shot glasses, and all the women swoon.)

This is my niece, Khloe, all pretty in pink.









These cotton candy cones were my favorite new idea for this shower. Cut 8 1/2 by 11 scrapbook paper in half width-wise, twist into a cone, seal with a homemade sticker. Stuff it with cotton candy. When my nieces saw this on the buffet, they were quite sure they’d found heaven. Kapri snuck a bag off for herself. (Her party, she’s allowed.) And even my Granna was tickled pink to be eating cotton candy. (A big thanks to Cindy, who brought this home for me from the ballpark.)

Heidi made pasta salad, which we served in tiny pink takeout containers with scallop-trimmed edges, and displayed in a doll bed. Find the takeout containers at Michaels, details for trimming them here, and the doll bed at Pottery Barn Kids.

You bet we had favors: Martha Stewart’s new pink flower boxes, dressed up with a rhinestone, filled with pink M&Ms. (Purchased in another smart move at Valentine’s Day, and saved for this occasion.)

These boxes aren’t online yet, but you can find them at Michaels, about $20 for 20 boxes, I believe.

The invitation: (Sorry for that weird piece of paper. I don’t know how to blur addresses.)

And we even rhinestoned a few of the rose petals — my mom’s idea, and just one more detail to make the shower special for my sister.