In New York, Puddinn’ stood in line with me for an hour outside Laduree, the famed Parisian macaron palace that just opened its first American locale on Madison Avenue. I didn’t care a bit about the cookies (though they were delicious). I just wanted the gorgeous black and white gift box. (I will show you soon.)

And now, because I’m wanting pumpkin macarons for my pumpkin party (that still exists only in my mind), I found these — and keep reading, because this post ends in pumpkin macarons you can buy in Arizona, and hooray:

Which blogger Yummy Mummy also turned into these:

And these diminuitive torture devices,  stuffed into a mini pumpkin (and created by Lisa Michele):

Also by Lisa Michele, with pumpkin seeds on top:

One more idea from ‘Lette — a Los Angeles shop which may or may not be making these anymore — I can’t tell.

Maybe I should try to bake my own.

More likely: maybe I should NOT.

Maybe I just found out that Essence Bakery in Tempe is selling pumpkin macarons right here in Arizona. (Saved.)