I thought the cutest thing I’d ever encountered was my 3-year-old niece Scarlett, calling me on the phone: “Jaimee, will you come to my Strawberry Shortcake birfday party?” Will I ever.

And then I went to her Strawberry Shortcake birthday party, which my sister Kapri turned into 3-year-old nirvana — also known as a tea party — and watched Scarlett running around in a strawberry tutu and a strawberry purse. And that was the cutest thing on the planet.

The invites:

The room:

Strawberry cake pops, made by my sister, (who may be nuts):

The outfit:

And yes, that is a baby strawberry purse.


The party favors for each guest — aprons monogrammed by my sister (certifiably nuts):

Birthday cupcakes, candles (and helpers named Blake):

Decorating with dolls:

Kapri, pouring “tea” . . .

. . . which was really water . . .

. . . or strawberry soda.

The food matched:

Did you know there are strawberry-shaped marshmallows?

Scarlett’s balloons:

And the second round of party favors:

A pinata to match:

Baby brother and Granni, dressed as decor:

And a happy little girl, who asked last week if she could have another Strawberry Shortcake birthday party, and when.