It is unfair that adults do not get to shop for  school supplies, and so I do it anyway. (Hey, needing notebooks and pens is a delish benefit of being a reporter.) My friend  — brilliant graphic designer Andrea Heser — launched her own letterpress company: Featherpress Design. And looky what she made for moi:

I asked her if she could letterpress my silhouette onto cards and she said Yes! Yes she can! Each card is printed the old-fashioned way, on a press she bought from a sweet old gentleman.

She even lined the envelopes for me. Herself. By hand. Imagine: lined envelopes! Ive never had something so lovely. Thank you, Andrea! Friends, she’s local, lovely, and priced just right. Reach her at or 623-203-6153. See her work on facebook, and she’s fun to follow on Twitter, too.