This weekend was filled with simple joys:  the bustle of the market right before Thanksgiving, spotting the first amaryllis — in pink, even, and bringing home wrapping paper that I do not need. Last night, I even got to wake to the sound of rain. Scenes from my pink-themed wanderings:

A new bag for cocktail parties, and guess where I found it? Kate Spade, you’re thinking? Or perhaps it’s this one, from J. Crew?

No, Target, and $17.

I fell hard for these sparkling gift tags at West Elm (each one free with a gift purchase):

Brought home the season’s first blushing amaryllis:

Shanna came over for Sunday night dinner — roast chicken, and sea salt with its own tiny spoon:

I found the rose gold nail polish I’ve been waiting for my whole life: Deborah Lippman’s Glamorous Life. Did you know Deborah is from Arizona? She is also friends with my friend Shanna, who is going to commence stalking this polish once she sees it here. (Shanna, isn’t it amazing? I forgot to show you!) Small, small world.

And a new roll of holiday paper to complete the pink parade: