It is almost time for my annual New York pilgrimage, which is half about the city, and half about finding Fall.

October in New York means pumpkins in the windows, and on tables, and in tarts and cupcakes and art exhibits, and I walk around the city with an orange-colored smile.

Last year, I took more pictures of pumpkins than I did people. Scenes from my wanderings withMarni, Michael and Shanna:

Killer carvings at  The Rose Bar, Gramercy Park Hotel:

Pumpkins in windows all over Midtown Manhattan:

In pies (and cute cookies) at Once Upon a Tart, SoHo:

In doughnuts at Doughnut Plant (the best you will ever have, EVER, in your whole life):

Bread, at Payard:

On the Fith Avenue lawn in front of the fountain at The Plaza:

Pumpkin-colored leaves outside the cutest Biergarten in Brooklyn:

And pumpkin-colored sweaters with a heavenly forecast in the window at J. Crew:

A pumpkin-hued art installation in the lobby of the New York Times (where I went completely as a tourist — hey, I said it was a pilgrimage, right?):

All these little screens held sentences from that day’s paper. It was crazy cool:

Pumpkins and chocolate cacao beans at Mast Brothers, Brooklyn, where Marni was so happy:

Pumpkin centerpieces at a cafe on the Upper West Side:

And flanking a gorgeous stoop:

Pumpkin colors on postcards at D’Espresso, which looks like a sideways library inside:

D’Espresso was another Marni find — isn’t she cute? (Also: good coffee.)

Pumpkins lining the hallways at Chelsea Market:

And a customized pumpkin at the Ace Hotel:

Me, punch-drunk on sqaush and the city.