A box of camping supplies arrived for my mountain man, Ty, and in it I found a bucket hat (cute) a red neckerchief  (cue relentless mocking) and Night Sky playing cards. He says he’s going to study the constellations this summer while he’s waiting for his opponents to take their turn.

This made me go soft in the head — so romantic.  Also: the cards are beautiful. Wouldn’t they be cool turned into art and hung up at home? (Affordable, too, they’re $5.95 here.)

Imagine them enlarged and framed like this: (Ask Kinko’s to scan and print.)

Or framed in groups, sort of like this. (Matage in Mesa does gorgeous custom framing work.)

Or even hung individually, like this:

In high school, I had a boyfriend named Rhett who could point out the constellations, make me balloon animals, and was willing to join me at 5 am before graduation to watch the sun rise. I guess I like men who like stars.