A favorite story from 2011:

Bucks and Buxom

It is a spectacular 10-point rack – a state-record set of antlers, even – but some of the points are interfering with a green bra and the model within.

“It’s a hard rack to shoot,” Scottsdale photographer Sal Corbo says as he ponders his tableau. The bra and its contents have got to fit between the antlers, and one of these things is larger than the other. “It’s just so narrow, and she’s got so many curves. I don’t want to cover them up.”

“Hold the rack up a little bit,” he calls from behind his camera, and the model scoots the antlers higher on her body.

“It was better to the left,” he says. She shifts the points across her decolletage.

“Beautiful!” he says. “Now eyes, eyes!”

The camera lens snaps and shutters. A makeup artist hovers as a fan blows the model’s hair. She grins, flexes her stomach.

She will be Miss August, a vision in seafoam green.

The idea came to Corbo one day in his antler room, a little neuron party in the back of his mind. He loves to hunt. He collects antler racks. He knows bras. He spent his professional life photographing models, mostly in lingerie.

It was a double entendre whose time had come: his two passions paired in a calendar, called Racks.

Read the rest of my story here. I enjoy writing newspaper pieces that involve hunters, taxidermists, fish, and man vs. wild in general. Add lingerie to that mix? Yes, please.
Photo by Michael McNamara