On one of my coolest days as a reporter, I spent a morning inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s family home in Arcadia. Built in 1953 for his son, the house remains original, right down the the custom trash can in the kitchen and a 57-year-old rug that boasts one of Wright’s kaleidoscope designs.

Frank’s great-grandaughters sat on the famous furniture and talked with me about growing up in this house, swimming in the pool and posing for pictures beneath the hot pink bougainvillea. They showed me the original blueprints, filled with Wright’s blocky handwriting. They even let me at the guest book and their grandmother’s diary, which I paged through for hours. It was magical.

You can read my story and tour the house yourself right here. It’s for sale now, $3.5 million, and I hope that someone finds it, sees the magic, and falls in love.