It’s pretty great, right? Cherries and plums, peaches and corn. Finally. This year, my dad’s garden also produced mini green peppers, mini Japanese eggplant, and the usual heap of tomatoes that I love.

Marni added to the pleasure with a hostess/housewarming gift to hold my summer harvest: this ceramic “strawberry basket” from Anthro. I love it so much and  wish strawberries came to the supermarket in baskets like this still.

Also from Ms. Dreamday: grapefruit dish soap in a wine bottle  adorned with old book pages (also from Anthropologie.)














I thanked her by introducing her to THE summer cocktail of doom: Greyhounds at The Vig, and also Hillstone. Think grapefruit juice squeezed while you watch + vodka + ice = people have been known to ask the bartender if they left the liquor out on accident.