Tyson and I took the convertible to California, and all we’ve done for two days is sun ourselves driving on Highway 101, walk or read on beaches, and eat Slurpees. (T is obsessed.) He has invented this cherry cola mix thing and named himself the Slurpee chef, master of mixology. I don’t have the heart to mention Cherry Coke.

I’ll be back Monday. In the meantime, I’ve had the nicest compliments about a story from Sunday’s paper about a REAL chef, Payton Curry at Caffe Boa, who took on a boy named Scooter as a line cook and made him into a man. The best part, really, is that Payton needed Scooter equally. I loved hanging out in their kitchen, watching them work. You can read it here.

I hear that Scooter is now autographing the story for those that visit him at Caffe Boa Bistro in Mesa, where he kills it on the woodfired oven. (If you go, and Chef Payton is there, ask for Marni’s gnocchi –an off-the-menu marvel — and you’re welcome.)

P.S. If I were in town, I’d be  hightailing it to Chef Matt Carter’s guest night at NOCA on Thursday, June 24. Carter runs two of my favorite kitchens: The Mission and Zinc Bistro, and it will be a feast to remember. Details here.