It’s too hot to live, let’s talk about Autumn

On Saturday I wanted a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese. On Sunday I made roasted tomato soup. This morning, the sun woke me up a half-hour later — and walking downstairs, I thought about waning days and the approach of fall.

Then I looked at the forecast. One-hundred-seventeen-degrees-fahrenheit. Today. Tomorrow. Forever. We live in hell.

So let’s talk about fall. On Pinterest, a public online bulletin board where I’ve been hanging out for a few months stashing photos of cake porn, tufted headboards and all-white rooms, I have a pumpkin page. This morning, it was the only thing that made the day OK. (Follow me on Pinterest here — it’s a timesuck of the most satisfying kind.)

From my pumpkin Pinterest party:

New ideas for this year’s family Halloween bash:

I love these numbered pumpkins. This year, I’m on it:

Are you on Pinterest? Tell me your handle so that we can find each other. I’m here.