The September Issue (Kristin Alber’s awesome house and Jilly and Mia — DIY bloggers of doom)

In our office, we’re all quite excited about the new AZ Magazine, featuring Kristin Alber — the unofficial prom queen of Mesa — on the cover. (Alber owns FOUND, and this is her happy house. )

She gave her Mesa bungalow a greige makeover and shared a sneak peek with us:

Her desk:


Vintage sink:

I love that LOVE print.

Read the story and see the rest in the September AZ Magazine, which you can find at  AJ’s Fine Foods, Albertsons, Barnes & Noble, Bashas’ CVS, Fry’s, Safeway and Walgreens stores. *Photos of the Alber home by Sierra Studios Photography.

September is our home issue, so I love it especially, particularly the story about a couple East Valley bloggers who amaze me: Jilly and Mia, The Girls With Good Taste. I bought a chair from Jilly  through Craigslist, and so that’s how we met. Then she told me about their blog, and then I had to read it every day, and then I realized that I went to high school with Mia. (It’s a small, small world.)

Jilly and Mia could inspire Craigslist faith in anyone. They take cruddy castaways and turn them into things like this:





And they made this headboard:

So, you now have many happy things to read: the new AZ magazine, and the entire archives of Mia and Jilly. Enjoy.

(P.S. Big props to AZ Magazine’s talented designer, Andrea Heser, for making it look so great.)