Localove: UNION now open at Biltmore Fashion Park

Imagine mini versions of the best local boutiques complete with a bicycle shop, a whoopie pie window, and a custom parfumerie, and that’s UNION — a thoughtful, cutting-edge co-op that opens today at Biltmore Fashion Park. There’s a restaurant, a newsstand, dress shop, an outpost of Queen Creek Olive Mill, even a Royal Coffee bar. I went to the opening bash last night and watched as the stylish set around town lapped it up. Bravo, Lew Gallo: what an idea. Would you like to see inside?

UNION is Arizona-centric right down to the salvaged wood interiors and the restaurant manager: Lisa G., who used to make beloved meatballs at her restaurant on 7th St. Lew Gallo and Macerich made sure of that. Lew’s shop, For the People, is where I plan to buy many Christmas gifts, including this killer gray leather pig. (Isn’t Lew debonair?)

One of the best things: cloud vases from ASU professor and local artist Sam Chung, also at For the People.

Paris Envy has moved here from 7th Avenue — and wait until you see co-owner Jason Moore’s handmade chandeliers. They were my find of the night.

The Willows Home & Garden is here in miniature:

Smeeks has moved here now, too — candy and novelties galore.

A small version of Frances, in the house, where I liked this sign and these killer padlocks:

Citrine is a beauty bar where you can learn about natural makeup, find my favorite perfume in the world, or create your own.

There’s a British bicycle shop, where the handles and seats are leather-wrapped. Go just to see the basket collection.

I loved the Bonafide menswear boutique – from the folks behind The Clotherie:

Oh, those whoopie pies. You want the pumpkin.

The fantastically named sunglass boutique, Me Myself and Eye:

Pretty patio:

Customatic comes from local architects who build chess sets and make interesting things — look at this booth closely.

There’s even a newsstand and a card shop — all the good bits that we love in those rare, hard-to-find places called bookstores:

UNION is at Biltmore Fashion Park on 24th Street and Camelback, near Stingray Sushi.

Also opening today: Restoration Hardware’s three-story temple at the Scottsdale Quarter. Photos to come from last night’s opening gala.

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New shops alert: Adorn Home, Sweet Salvage, and the Biltmore’s J. Crew + a chic Saturday soiree

A sign autumn is on the way: Phoenix is coming back to life and I’m behind on my list of important things to tell you. Follow along here — there are so very many stylish new haunts for your weekend itinerary:

1. Everything I know about Adorn Home, which opened today at The Seville in Scottsdale, tells me that I had better just send them my paycheck and be done with it already, because look:

**UPDATE: Adorn Home has closed. Sob.

Yeah, so that’s all kinds of fun trouble: tufting, Missoni, lucite, oh my. And the Christopher Jagminplate wall is just awesome. (Local artist!) Adorn Home is at 7001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale: (480) 292-7226.


2. Next up: Sweet Salvage, a vintage market on 7th Avenue, open just four days each month with fresh finds each time. The grand opening was Thursday, and the shop will be open all weekend from 10-6, and then closed until the four-day event in September. I’m excited for vintage flash cards and old wooden things. 4809 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix.

3. There is now a J. Crew within five minutes of my house. This is terrible news. Our favorite place to find trouble is open at Biltmore Fashion Park. I want everything, most particularly this:

Miltary buttons and popped collars kill me every time. This baby will probably never even exist at the Phoenix store, but we can wish, can’t we? (In my new house, I am using my coat collection as decor. Truly. You’ll see, eventually, when I’m finished.) $350, here.

4. Some oh-so-stylish locals have been working very hard on Hello There, House! — a home-centric market/conference/party coming to Tempe in October. (Think how-to classes galore.) This Saturday, the hosts are hanging out at The Herb Box — never a bad place to be around lunchtime — offering mini make and takes and a closet tutorial from Cardigan Empire’s Reachel Bagley — who is impossible not to adore. There’s a swag bag, too.

The brilliance behind this event: Ms. Rosemary Watson herself, who is one of my nicest readers. She makes things like this chair — and I want her to teach me how.

Happy weekend!

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