Local Love: A New Blow Dry Bar and the new Pizzeria Bianco

Years from now, it’s possible that the blow dry bar will be hailed as one of the greatest luxury developments of our time. Remember when they invented sliced bread? Yes, you could do it yourself, but it makes such a mess. Blow-drying your own hair? Same ending (with a lot of extra sweat and frizz.) In this case, $35 brings a LOT of joy.

I live in prime blowout real estate. There’s a drybar in one direction, and the Blow Dry Bar by Kimberly in another. Today, Kimberly Robson is opening a second location near the Scottsdale Quarter.


When I leave, my hair looks like this:


and this:

Big smiles, all around. Find these hair goddesses here.  (At the Lincoln location, ask for Stephen. He’s my man.) Above photo by Allison Tyler Jones Photography.


Second set of important news: there’s also a new Pizzeria Bianco open at Town and Country on 20th Street and Camelback in Phoenix. In the space that Bianco used to call Italian Restaurant, there’s now Pizzeria Bianco in front, and Trattoria Bianco in back.

The most important part: Ty and I went last night, and THERE WAS NO WAIT. We sat down at the bar, ordered icy Cokes in glass bottles, and had the Wiseguy and the Sonny Boy pizzas in front of us within 20 minutes.


This is my favorite thing to eat in Phoenix:

It’s also pretty inside. Bianco is all about the vintage find. I wish he’d take me shopping with him, or let me do it for him.

His father’s paintings are all around.

And have the chocolate Italian Ice for dessert. We love it so much that I tried to replicate it here. (Pretty close, my friends. Pretty close.)