I’m telling a story live -please come!

What are you doing on Thursday night? Want to come to the Desert Botanical Garden for treats and cocktails and see me tell the most personally humiliating/hilarious/heartwrenching story that I  cannot believe I got talked into sharing with the public?

Cool. Because I’m sorta freaking out about it, and I need nice people there. Also, these live storytelling nights are crazy fun.

The Arizona Republic’s series began this summer and is a standing-room-only runaway hit. Imagine campfire confessions-meet NPR-meets happy hour-meets poetry slams. The stories are short, personal, and true — and you can eat and drink while you listen. (Or tell your own story, if you’d like: sign up here.)

On Thursday, Sept. 15, I’m on deck, along with Food Network star and Valley chef Beau MacMillan of Sanctuary, playwright James E. Garcia, and Arizona Republic designer Audrey Tate. The live story slam concept is based on that awesome podcast The Moth, which all the cool kids are into, apparently. (And yeah, I’d never heard of it, either.)

Reserve a table here — and don’t worry, the event is INDOORS. And there is yummy food. And a bar. And the Botanical Garden at night, which is gorgeous. 7:30 p.m. Admission: suggested donation of $10, which benefits Republic charities.

(And that’s Chef BeauMac above, and you can see, already, that this night is going to be fun.)