Try it: Making Mozzarella Cheese

The onslaught of autumnal catalogs continues, and the discovery of D-I-Y Cheese Making Kits in the Williams-Sonoma catalog has me very excited. I’ve wanted to make my own mozzarella cheese for years. (Why, you ask, when I can buy perfectly good mozzarella in the market? Answer: because I’ve heard just-made mozzarella is an ethereal glory, and I think it’s fun to do dorky kitchen stuff like this.)

I’ve actually tried to do it before, but couldn’t find the supplies. I’m heading to the shop this weekend to give it a try and will report back. The kit is $26, and makes 10 batches.

Mozzarella Cheese Kit

If you want to try this without the kit and can find mozzarella curd (tell me where!), Michael Chiarello has a recipe and instructions for you.

If you live in Phoenix, too, Chris Bianco makes his own mozzarella and sells it in hefty white balls at Pane Bianco. It’s heavenly stuff.

Have any of you ever tried this before? What is your favorite fussy thing to hand make in the kitchen? Tyson loves to make fresh pasta. I like to make my own salad dressings and Oreos — mmm.